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MADAGASCAR AIRTOURS is YOUR reference TRAVEL MANAGEMENT COMPANY (TMC) & DESTINATION MANAGEMENT COMPANY (DMC) for your travel & tours in MADAGASCAR and the VANILLA ISLAND (Mauritius, Madagascar, Mayotte, Reunion Island, The Comores and The Seychelles) for the past 45 years.


It has a strong and very erxperienced team well ground in the reception of tours ( individuals & groups ) and luxury cruise ships with high-standard services.

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Innovative and pionnering company providing sensational tour design that promotes Madagascar's unique biodiversity ( 80%+ of flora and fauna endemicity )

Interview by The American Magazine

As an island, one of Madagascar’s main strenght to consider for its economic development is its surrounding ocean. To better understand the power of sustainable tourism, we have interviewed Olivia Madhow RASOAMANARIVO, Managing Director of Madagascar Airtours, a leading Destination Management Company and also a Travel Management Company which is part of the American Express Global Business Travel since 1976.

Amcham Madagascar : As a Tourism Management Company since 1968, what would you consider as Madagascar’s greatest touristic asset?

Olivia M. RASOAMANARIVO : With our extensive experience in tourism mostly on first class cruise, I agree with Dr Peter W. HALLINAN, former AMCHAM President when he said « Madagascar is a marine Nation ». Our neighbouring countries mainly Mauritius and Seychelles have fully built their economy on tourism and regarding Madagascar geographical size, the potential is more than evident.

Amcham Madagascar : Talking about the Blue Economy, how would you describe the current situation of Cruise market in Madagascar?

Olivia M. RASOAMANARIVO : I would say Madagascar is suffering from a national tourism strategy inclined more toward other touristic potentials rather than the Blue Economy. Every year, many ships arrive in Madagascar but only 8 out of 17 harbours in total are now used for that purpose. According to the Cruise Market Watch statistics, there is a worldwide potential of more than 26 800 000 passengers for 2019. Where do these people go ? Time is now or never for Madagascar to do its best and get the most of this.

Amcham Madagascar : Why do you think the Cruise Industry will be more effective?

Olivia M. RASOAMANARIVO : I want to remind our readers that Nosy Be has recently dethroned Mauritius as the most beautiful island in Africa and Nosy Iranja identified as the most beautiful island in the world. Forbes Magazine has listed Madagascar among the Top 10 countries to visit for 2019. We don’t seem to realize what we have at our fingertips while the world isa standing amazed before our natural wonder. For the peak season of cruising coincides with Madagascar tourism off-season, the importance of this branch is undeniable.

Amcham Madagascar : Madagascar Airtours continues to celebrate its 50th anniversary, is the actual cruise market trend profitable for Madagascar?

Olivia M. RASOAMANARIVO : Most of the greatest cruise companies in the world are now starting to consider the Vanilla Islands as Top Destinations in their travel offers, circumstances are therefore favourable for Madagascar. Again, it’s our responsibility to be ready for the market we intend to embrace ; we should start with building tourism facilities and identify cultural wealth or any heritage site we want to spotlight. This way, we will take full advantage of Sustainable tourism …


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