Antsiranana - Diégo-suarez

The city of Antsiranana, still called Diego-Suarez, is situated on a headland above a magnificent bay. The name’s origin “Diego-Suarez” is somewhat unexpected. In the beginning of the 16th century, a portuguese squadron of thirteen ships were plying the Indian Ocean, and one of them set adrift. Its captain, Diego Diaz discovered the big island by chance on August 10th,1500 and had it named ‘‘Saint Laurent “. In February 1506 the admiral Fernando Suarez recognized the lay of the land, thus the city acquired the captain’s first name and the admiral’s name “Diego-Suarez”

Fauna & Flora

Amber Mountain is prominent for its endemicity with 77 species of birds,seven species of lemurs and 24 species of amphibians. Flora also has its share with 1020 plant species, of which palissander, Canarium madaga scariensisi or Ramy and Chrysophyllum, Famelona, fers, orchids, pandanus and various palms trees that make Amber Mountain a melting pot of biologic diversities.

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