Mahajanga - Majunga

Mahajanga which is 570 km Northwest of Antananarivo, capital of Madagascar,is a coastal town on the Mozambiue channel. This multiface heritages. The population from mixed origins due to successive influences of different people settled there along hundred years, ofer today an impressive metling pot where mingled sakalava, immigrants from different region of the Island, comori, Arabs, Indians, Indopakistani, Chineses and Europeans. In terms of tourism, Mahajanga has several sites that may amaze you, make you dream and change your vacations in an unforgettable stay, from its various beaches to its different inland landscapes.

Best Of


For nature lovers, the Boeny region offers an earthly fauna and important sea farm and marine biodiversty. Because of the variety of its habitat, endemic, rare, native or migratory birds roots in the region including pink flamingos, sacred ibises, the vorofalys, the vanga of van dam, etc… the world known as Microsebus, the famous crowned propitheques or sifaka, the Eulemurmongoz or dredrika, the nighttime lemurs like Matavirambo ou Cheirogaleusmedius, etc… In terms of reptiles : chameleons, iguanas, geckos, snakes and et fresh water turtles have their place and act to maintain thhe balance in this unique and fragile ecosystem. The Boeny region has an inexhaustible fish stock source : shrimps, crabs, fish, seafood give an idyllic flavor to dishes and local food and remain the economic lever of the region.


Along the Mozambique channel, the coastline of Boeny region is lined with vast tracts of mangroves (8 recorde species) that serve as protect the continent against tides and cyclones, rough waves, degradations of marine environmement, and protect coastline areas from erosion as well as silt-up of the harbor. To Mahajanga people, these mangroves or « Honko » still remain a favorite for building house. Also endemic, medicinal, rare and unique plants in Madagascar reclamaid the Boeny their natural home, like raffia and satrana (Bismarckianobis) palms, raw materials in great demand for handicraft ; the famous « mahabibo », this cashew tree typical of the region whose nut is a very appreciated snack and its oil a highly prized protective coating ; the « Mpanjakaben’ny tany » or Baudouiniafluggeiformis, (Sacred wood with ornemental aspect and with magic charm to Malagasy) ; the « Katrafay » or Cedrelopsisgrevei, know internationally for its medicinal value.

Tradition & Folklore

Fanompoa Be (Mahajanga town): Old Sakalava practice of several centuries, The Fanompoa Be is celebrated during one week every year in July in Miarinarivo doany, Mahajanga. It is for the sakalava and tradition, these Kings : ANDRIAMISARA, ANDRIAMANDISOARIVO, ANDRIAMBONIARIVO, ANDRIAGNIANINA, inspired the Sakalava kingdom of Boeny to greatness and pride.

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